About us

Boyaje, as the exclusive yacht providers for Unlimited Vacation Club, offers the most memorable tours, a vast experience, and a fleet of the highest quality. We are very proud of our position within the industry and our background. However, the greatest source of pride comes from our Yachts. We count on a group of seasoned experts who are committed to providing you with a safe, reliable and top-quality service. 

Header- Providing Extraordinary Experiences

Our industry is devoted to providing the highest levels of luxury. We offer unique and extraordinary experiences to our clients managing an ample fleet of top-quality vessels. Consistently maintaining this level of excellence requires dedication from an exceptional group of people who conform our company. Our personnel have been selected by their enthusiasm, empowered by their knowledge and motivated to think outside the box. Armed with effective and innovative solutions, our staff makes yacht ownership a carefree experience.   

Love of Yachting

Inspired by their lifelong love of yachting, our staff turned their passion into a career. 2017 marked the year our company started its operation. With hard work, honesty, integrity, high standards and strong ethics, what started out humble has become a world-leading organization. Today, our values and passion for yachting are shared by every member of our team. Our vision lays the foundation of our lives and guides everything we do

Chartering a yacht is now easier than ever

Technology nowadays allows to be in constant communication with the rest of the world, even when embarking on an ocean adventure. We understand your need to touch base with work, family and friends while on board. Our vessels are equipped with cutting-edge technology, devices and satellite systems to allow you full internet access and on-board telephones to check your emails and make phone calls, the most luxurious office of the planet, and with the best ocean view too!