About us

Boyaje as Yachts Master of UVC, we offer you a Yacht Tour, our experience, history and portfolio are indisputable. This position and our long heritage are a great source of pride, but we are even more proud of our Yachts. Every member of our team of experts is committed to providing you with the highest quality service that is absolutely reliable.

We facilitate Extraordinary Experiences

We operate in an industry devoted to delivering the highest levels of luxury. We facilitate rare and extraordinary experiences, and we manage a broad portfolio of immensely valuable yachts. To achieve consistent excellence at this echelon takes a special kind of company with exceptional people. Boyaje's dedicated strong team are chosen for their enthusiasm, empowered by deep knowledge and inspired to think innovatively. Supported by a range of effective solutions, they bring unquestionable trust to the experience of owning a yacht.

Love of Yachting

Our staff lifelong love of yachting inspired them to turn their passion into life. In 2017, that company celebrates our anniversary. Thanks to hard work, high standards, honesty, integrity and strong ethics, his humble venture grew to become a world-leading yachting organisation. Today, those same values and passion for yachting are shared by every member of our team. They are the foundation that lives at the very heart of everything we do.

It is now easier than ever to rent a yacht

Setting out to sea doesn't mean losing contact with the rest of the world and if you can't spend the duration of your charter vacation out of communication with your office, family and friends it is now easier than ever to keep your finger on the pulse. Thanks to modern technology, electronics and satellites you can still deal with clients and oversee projects through on-board telephones and have full access to internet and email, and what better place to do it than the luxury of a private office overlooking the fantastic views of the rippling ocean waves.

Whether you're a true sailing enthusiast looking for maritime adventure or just looking for a luxurious and comfortable vacation that caters to the needs of all your family and friends, a luxury yacht charter offers something for everyone with limitless possibilities.